Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” is a great reminder of who we are IN Christ when we easily can think the opposite…

Ryan Stevenson shares why he wrote “No Matter What”

Over the course of the last several years, I’ve continued to ask the Lord to give me songs that exist for a reason,” as we were working on this new record, a reoccurring theme I felt the Lord continually whisper to my heart was ‘beloved identity.’  I, like many of us, grew up in the church- a religious environment, where we weren’t necessarily nurtured and taught about Gods grace, patience and compassion. As I continue to grow and experience life, the truth I continue to encounter is ‘I am His son, no matter what.’ It is easy to fall into the trap of performance based relationship with God when we’ve been taught in religious environments that He’s mostly disappointed with us. This song hopefully will encourage all of us that even though we struggle, Jesus is overseeing the process.”

Francesca Battistelli’s “The Breakup Song” will encourage you if/when you are struggling with fear and help you to overcome it…







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  • Jean Bowar says:

    I love it that more and more artists are creating songs refuting fear and singing more about whose we are and what we are in Christ and His grace. There’s a song to which the chorus begins with ‘MY fear doesn’t have’. I refuse to sing ‘MY’ fear. I won’t allow the devil to put that on me and I’m certainly not going to claim it as mine so I sing ‘NO, fear doesn’t etc’!! Life and death is in the power of the tongue so we need to be so careful of what we speak out and put in motion. God is a good, good father and so very very smart!! ha

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