My name is April! And I have a story that needs to be shared. As well as an extreme request for prayer. A little over a year ago, my 9 year old son was wrongfully taken away from me. By his extremely abusive father. Back in 2016 he at school one day was overheard telling a friend about abuse that he suffered while at a summer visitation at his biological father’s home. This alarmed the school and a report of abuse was made immediately to Child Protection. I myself not knowing of the abuse was severely emotionally broken down when I received a call from the school Counselor. Myself and my family could see the previous year upon picking him up from his visitation that something was terribly wrong. But he never felt comfortable to tell us what it was. And we could see from his tears and reactions that he never wanted to go back anymore. At the time of finding all of this out, I got so hurt and emotionally broken down from hearing what my son had to suffer through that my body was under so much physical stress that I had a miscarriage. There for the next couple of months our family went through a lot of trauma and stress. Yet we held on to God’s Unchanging Hands. I too have suffered abuse by the hands of my son’s father, and can only feel that traumatic fear that my son has against him personally. It was determined that the allegations of abuse against my son were valid. Therefore, a Protective Order was placed in the State of South Dakota against the father. He was to have no contact with myself or my son whatsoever. Upon his return back to the United States after a deployment with the US Army National Guard, he hired legal counsel and was wrongfully awarded custody of him. On August 19th of 2017, he came to South Dakota and took him away. Since he has been gone, he has suffered physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our family and our friends have been in constant prayer for him since he’s been taken. And I at this time am only opening up to share a bit of my story because we are needing and requesting any and all the prayers we can possibly get. Thank you all in advance for your prayers and May God Bless You!!

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  • Beth says:

    April, I went through something very similar. Trust that the Lord is protecting your baby boy. Have faith and know that one day, he will come home. I was separated from mine for over 6 years, it was heartbreaking to know my children went through so much abuse and neglect. I share your pain and grief of missing all the key moments of your son’s life. Stay strong in the Lord! God, in His mercy and grace took those years to strengthen my faith. He will be with you every second of every day. You are not alone, our Heavenly Father will continue to carry both of you and you have a team filled with the power of prayer!

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