My parents don’t get along well and I’m having trouble learning in school. I’ve usually end up being lonely at the end of the day. I’ve lost faith and hope but God’s love haven’t gave up on me. His love always reaches me and his love never fails. Whenever I felt alone God was there and I found out where my weakest places are he is my strength. God has carried me very far in my life and I know whatever I’ll face I will overcome it. God has written my story before I was born and my story starts in a small refugee camp in Thailand. For the past few years of my life it has been very tough and God has never stepped out. I’ve felt so worthless to the point where I was going to take my own life. I’ve always been afraid to ask for help because I fear I’ll only become a burden. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m not equip to do everything and they are people there for me. God has provide so many wonderful people for me and to all those people I couldn’t give back they kept giving to me. I would have been a fool to give up my life. I thought to myself why would God wants a failure like me. I thought my sins couldn’t be pardoned and that I don’t deserve this life. I’m temporary and he can replace me with something so much better but he didn’t because he wanted me. God doesn’t need me but he wants me. The king of havens wants me. God has work in my heart without no ones help. Sometimes I’m afraid to ask God for help because I thought my problems were too small for him but it isn’t. There’s nothing too small or too big for him. He can move mountains and split the sea and calm the storm. God’s love is all that matters! He loves me. He will never give up on me. No matter what I’ve done or think how worthless I am. There’s not a distance he can’t reach me and not a place he can’t find me. Whenever I was alone in my time that was when God was taking time in me. He wanted a time where it was just me and him. God has opened up my heart and he is always there when I need him. He wants me to face him and be with him. He doesn’t care what I have done or where I’ve been. He led me from broken roads to paradise. He has done so much for me even before I was born. He showed me that I was worth more than diamonds and the stars in the sky. I was someone worth dying for. My story on earth may be temporary but there’s another book He’s written and it’s eternal life with him. My story didn’t start out the best so did Jesus’s story.

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