My husband and I just donated online. We love life 96.5! We listen everyday to and from work, a 25 minute drive. Our 4 children have grown up listening to life 96.5. our niece has come to live with us, she was hurting and saw her life falling to pieces. A teenager struggling to survive. Each morning on our way to school she would listen. With me to the Christian music and encouraging words. I literally have seen her go from crying tears to attend school the first day to now joyfully singing along with life 96.5.
Our family is ministering to her as we now share our home. Life 96.5, thank you for helping to encourage my niece and give her hope through Jesus Christ! Thank you! She has been listening to you now for about 6 months and you have made a huge impact on her. She is no longer hurting herself or wanting to end her life because we, our family along with life 96.5 have helped her come to know the love of Jesus Christ. Thank you!

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