My husband had a heart attack at age 60 on August 12.

This morning I write:

Have you ever had it when you prayed for something, and then God answers your prayers in the craziest fashion at the craziest time? Asking the Lord to bless YOU with a WOW ? moment ?!

I am very thankful! I’ve been praying asking the Lord to bless me with positive thoughts, to speak positive words and to find peace in my heart. A therapist told me this week it is common to feel unsettled, like you’re sitting on a balloon, when you go through a near death experience.

This morning on the way to a group health appointment at 6:26 AM God answered my prayers when listening to LIFE 96.5 “TELL YOUR HEART ❤️ TO BEAT AGAIN”. Thank You Lord for the lyrics, they were PERFECT, to help me find peace in my heart.

The disciples thought it was over when Jesus was on the cross. His resurrection showed them this was not the end but the beginning. Lord help me to remember “Only You can move mountains, but faith and prayer move You.”

John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you.

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