I grew-up (and still am) listening to Christian radio stations, but Life 96.5 was different, a good different, you guys play such encouraging songs. This year was my first in public school and it was hard starting off the year because the people who I thought were my friends were the ones who talked about me.
This year has been hard. My dad travels a lot so I don’t spend very much time with him. but it was the trials of this year that truly brought me to Christ! I thank God for sending me the trials that He did. They brought me closer to Him and made my faith stronger than ever. But there is a song that seems to be playing every time I need the song to play, it was also the song that brought me to Him! The song is called “Reckless Love”. It is my favorite song!

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  • Emily Williams says:

    It’s me Emily^ my story^^^^^ #I got baptized today, I felt the holy spirit wash over me. #I love Jesus #my story above!

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