During January YOU made a difference in the lives of young women in an unplanned pregnancy by giving gifts for the Sioux Empire’s Largest Baby Shower. Thanks to your donations at Alpha Center, Lewis Drug Stores, AMaVo, and the Life 96.5 studios, hundreds of items and thousands of dollars worth of baby necessities will fill the shelves and racks in the ministry’s Baby Boutique. Over 1,300 beautiful baby items were received, including 167 packs of diapers, 117 packs of baby wipes, 110 onesies, 103 blankets, and several larger items like strollers, pack-n-plays, a crib and a changing table. THANK YOU.

Life 96.5 photo

Alpha Center founder Leslee Unruh says seeing the Baby Shower grow every year shows how much value people place on the lives of young moms and their babies right here in our community. It is an easy way to make a difference locally when you want to help young women in unplanned pregnancies but might not know how to do it. From the kindness of individuals to businesses to entire churches, seeing how people give and care is so encouraging to Leslee and the entire Alpha Center staff.

So many have given out of their joy, but others through their pain. Jennifer has experienced devastating loss and suffering through miscarriage, but wanted to give items that she longed to buy for a child of her own. She says, “Although my children in heaven still outnumber those with us on earth, we recently celebrated the birth of our second child and give praise for all God’s gifts in our lives.”

Thank you for your tangible expression of Christ’s love through the Baby Shower. You are the hands and feet of Jesus in the lives of many young women because of your generosity.


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