Science is still trying its best to figure out what goes on in our brains when a song touches our hearts. A man who’s been in the business of writing and performing those songs for over three decades now is still in awe of how God uses them. Steven Curtis Chapman says, all these years later, seeing it happen is still an indescribable experience.

“It is more humbling than ever – the more I see it 30 years later – the more amazed I am just at the power of a song. I think more so even now because I see something I wouldn’t have known 10, 20, 30 years ago – certainly not at the beginning – is not only the power of a song to move someone with a truth or with a story, but the power to take us back.”

“You know, songs now for me, many of them, are kind of those stones of remembrance that the Israelites had in the Old Testament. Where they would go back and have these memorials of God’s faithfulness and God’s presence and God’s provision. And I think for me these songs have become that too.”

Taken all together, the celebrated artist says crafting and performing has never meant more to him than it does today.

“The mystery of that. Just how powerful a song can be to take us back to a place, to reawaken something – that memory, or an experience in our life. I think all that is part of the wonder that God created when he created this thing called art and music. How it reaches into the soul, I think deeper than even just the spoken word.”

“There’s a power, and all of that just sort of makes me so full of wonder that He created these things together. And created us in a way that they speak to us in ways we can’t even fully comprehend the mystery of. That is all part of what leaves me in wonder of God’s awesome goodness.”

On the Road with Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman is the most awarded artist in CCM history. The beloved singer / songwriter is headed back across America with his SCC Solo tour this spring.

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