I’d battled alcohol since my teens. My addiction had ruined marriages, cost careers and homes etc. But every time I’d get sober, I’d always return.
I knew Jesus but figured he’d given up on me.
In Feb. 2016, facing my 3rd divorce, my family wanting me committed, unemployed, I screamed to Him for forgiveness for what I planned to do. I passed out with no plans of ever waking up.
I did wake up, a few short hours later. Completely sober. And in my mind’s eye I could only see His face. He was smiling.
I believe He put a phone number at the only thought I could make so I called a L.E.O. friend and explained the details.
That was 4:20a.m. 2/29/16. I have never looked back. I give Glory and Thanks for forgiveness daily, hourly. I have yet to have a craving. For 3 years, not one.
My wife, my best friend, the woman that showed me true love came home. We celebrated 13 years last October.
We have not been happier and it’s all thanks to a Savior’s grace and forgiveness.

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