Bring your family to Risefest in Sheldon, Iowa June 21-22!

It could be the highlight of your summer, and Life 96.5 wants to share the two-day event with YOU. During the festival, be sure to stop by our Life 96.5 tent. We’d love to hang out with you! Life 96.5 staff will be at our tent until 7:00 each evening.

We’ll have lots of fun Life 96.5 giveaways for you and your family, including a chance to toss a bean bag accurately to win Meet-n-Greets! Wanna try? You sink it, you win it! Toss times are as follows:


  • 3:30p Matt Maher
  • 5p Jeremy Camp
  • 6:30p Skillet


  • 12:15p I Am They
  • 1:30p Plumb
  • 2:15p We Are Messengers
  • 4:30p Zach Williams
  • 6:30p Newsboys

If you don’t already, like us on Facebook, and follow Life 96.5 on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! You’ll see our posts and updates from the festival, plus be one of the first to know about special artist appearances and giveaways at our tent. It’s gonna be great–see you soon at Risefest 2019!

11 Responses to "Life 96.5 at Risefest 2019"

  • I love this station and i listen to this everyday and when i go to sleep and ur guys music helped me when i want to take my life away

  • Katie says:

    Thank you! This is an amazing set of artists and I can not come this year but I will pray for the spirit to move.

  • Linda says:

    I just found out my sister is listening to your station. Thank you for being there for people to hear the Word of God and listen to uplifting, worshipful music that testifies of the Lord. Maybe she’ll be open and able to go to Risefest and find the Lord!

  • Hayden Van De Stroet says:

    I love this station so much that I can listen to it for hours on end and not be bored with the large variety of christian music! You guys are the best!

  • I heard in the radio that in the website there will be times of meet and greet. I cant find it….. help! Please and thanks and GOD bless!

  • John S says:

    I wish I could go to Risefest. After almost 20 yrs of marriage I’m a single father of four boys. They see their mother most weekends. It’s hard not having extra cash to do things like this. But God is good. I have a house for shelter, car to get me to and from work, and food on the table. Love to see MercyMe!!

  • Terrie Lendt says:

    How can we enter to win meet and greets

  • Deb Hofer says:

    i am looking forward to going to Risefest and your Radio Station is on at home and in my car. I find listening to your station very rewarding. After seeing the movie I can only imagine, I am excited about seeing Meecy Me.

    1. lbanik says:

      Did you have fun at RiseFest Deb?? Wasn’t MercyMe awesome!! Thankful for you and how God is using Life 96.5 in your life 🙂
      ~ Lauren

  • Lonnie L Stenersen says:

    I have Listened and Supported Your station for many years !! I Love a Radio Station that the Whole Family can Listen to and not be affended or cover our ears because of Bad Language. Your doing a Good Job of ” Saving Peoples Souls ” !! ” KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ” !! ” LOVE YOU GUYS ” , Lonnie.

    1. lbanik says:

      Awe, that means so much to us Lonnie! Thank you for taking the time to share that and for being such faithful listeners!! We appreciate you! 🙂
      ~ Lauren