Mom, are you feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Maybe you never saw it coming, but suddenly as you are looking around your spaces, at your car, and even in the mirror, you’re thinking, “Spring is here, and I need to clean things up!” There’s a lot to get done, and you don’t want it to come between you and all the fun of summer and being active with your family.

Well, we’ve got it covered, my dear.

Enter for your chance to win the Life 96.5 Mom’s Day Off giveaway.

Yes! Starting with your house, schedule a scrub, polish, and sweep with Mary Poppins (well actually, Merry Maids) and get your space truly clean and smelling great.

Oh, and that car of yours. Winter happened, but how about getting it completely refreshed with a detailed cleaning, inside and out? Driving will be a pleasure, once again, thanks to a Merry Maids auto detail clean.

And then, your turn! Schedule your own day at Radiance Day Spa, and treat yourself to the pampering you deserve.

Check, check, and check it off again, everything on your cleaning list.

Are we speaking your language, mom?

Then get registered below for a chance to win the ultimate freshen up, the Life 96.5 Mom’s Day Off giveaway.

The winning mom will be announced Friday, May 31.

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