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Monday 2/25

The average person will eat 12,542 of THESE over the course of their life. What is it?

Answer: Slices of Bread

Monday 3/4

Coffee is the most recognizable smell.  Peanut butter is second.  What’s third?

Answer: A rose

Monday 3/11

More than one-third of adults do this every day. What is it?

Answer: A nap. Today is “Nap Day” always the Monday after the Spring Ahead clock change.

Monday 3/18

We buy 1.4 billion dollars worth of this a year. What?

Answer: Lunchables

Monday 3/25

30 years ago 80% of us could, today less than 20% of us can.  What?

Answer: Drive a stick shift

Monday 4/8

5% of people can’t do this. What?

Answer: Snap their fingers.

Monday 4/15

If you do this today, it will take you an average of 20 seconds. What is it?

Answer: Leave a voicemail.

Monday 4/22

The average person stops doing THIS at age 41. Stops doing what?

Answer: Exercising.

Monday 4/29

A fifth of Millennials say they’ve never eaten this. What is it?

Answer: Big Mac

Monday 5/6

Most women agree that this happens to a man after he turns 50; what is it?

Answer: Most women agree that a man loses his sense of fashion after he turn 50!

Monday 5/13

1 in 20 women have used THIS as an excuse for taking a sick day. What is it?

Answer: They got a bad haircut.

Monday 5/20

5% of wedding guests say they never do this, while over 40% say they always do.

Answer: Use the wedding registry to pick a gift.

Tuesday 5/28

75% of us did this growing up, but now less than half of us do it.

Answer: Eat together as a family at the dinner table.

Monday 6/10

According to a study, roughly 1 in 10 Millennials have never done this — but almost 100 percent of people over 50 have. What is it?

Answer: Ride a bicycle.

Monday 6/17

According to a recent survey of Millenials, 12% say doing this is a great date idea. What is it?

Answer: Going to the zoo.

Monday 7/8

33% of people have done this while shopping. What is it?

Answer: Shopped in their pajamas

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