May 9 is always Mother’s Day for me. May 9 is the date in 2004 which actually was a Sunday and Mother’s Day. And it was also the date that a little baby girl was placed into my arms for adoption.

Ever since then, for me, Mother’s Day always happens on May 9 no matter what day of the week it is. We also call it Family Day at our house, because it is a day when our family expanded, joyfully so.

Even if you didn’t get your children through adoption, if they were born to you, or maybe you have stepkids, or your children came to you in some other way, your family is special to you and as a mom you are appreciative and grateful. And if you are not their birth mom, you experience Mother’s Day knowing that maybe there is a mom somewhere that is thinking about that child as you get to open the cards and eat that special meal together and cuddle on the couch with your child.

To those of you who have given birth and maybe given up your child, thank you so much for allowing those of us who have adopted your child to be the other mom and experience Mother’s Day.  I hope you are safe and well and as you have passed through this Mother’s Day, know that your children are loved and cared for.

As adoptive moms we would like to hope that we could one day thank you in person, but if that’s not possible, then we also hope that you know that your child is loved and cared for, and that we will be diligent as the other mom in keeping your memory alive in their hearts.


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  • Rachel says:

    It was a “God thing” that I happened upon this article tonight. I’m at work and decided to go to the website to listen live and began scrolling through the items and saw this one. I had to click on it and read it because today is my oldest child’s birthday. The child that was lovingly adopted by a great couple 21 years ago. I am secure in the knowledge that it was the right thing to do. It is well with my soul, but there are still days that are hard. Thank you for sharing your story.

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