It’s 9:30 am on Monday 8/19/19. I just feel compelled to thank you. We have been thru a long journey with my mom and cancer. She has been in hospice here at Ava’s House in Sioux Falls for 10 days and literally, 24 hours a day we have your radio station playing. The music has been a tremendous comfort to her—and actually all of us. Her favorite song has been “Survivor,” by Zach Williams. For months now, as she has been in and out of the hospital, all of us close to her know that when that song comes on, everyone and everything halts to listen. And she would close her eyes and just worship Jesus. This is the sixth time she has cancer in 12 years. She truly is a survivor. She just turned 80, and this time the cancer will take her life. But we know she will soon be a true survivor in heaven.

Well, this morning she has taken a drastic turn and is no longer conscious and we know she will be meeting Jesus very soon. And we STILL have 96.5 on and will until she leaves this earth. Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts—and for my mom—you have been thru this with us!

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