I had been suffering from migraines for the past 15 yrs and no one could figure out what was going on. I switched doctors at the beginning of June and my husband demanded them to do some imaging because the migraines were getting so bad I was missing work and could not function. When they finally did the imaging they found a tumor that was cancerous. So that sent us to another doctor. Our heads were still spinning when they started talking about doing radiation. All I could think was we better be done by October because I have tickets to see Chris Tomlin. My husband says if I have to carry you in there to see him I will because I know how much you like his music. So the month of August I spent 5 days a week for three weeks getting radiated and every time I would have to lay there I would think about the song Chris sings “Nobody loves me like you love me” that song has gotten me through a lot the last couple of weeks. Considering I lost my mom in January and I just have my immediate family and my husbands family to help me out and they are in Michigan and my work family. I am a hospice nurse so I am no new person to this treatment. Lately I have been so tired and can’t eat but remind myself God has a plan and I will get through this like I do everything else. So I can say I am a cancer survivor and Chris was a major contributor to my attitude of keeping my spirits up.

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