She hasn’t even reached her thirtieth birthday, but her effervescent songs like “Hold Me” and “You Lead” have already been blessing us for years. Now, this twice Grammy-nominated recording artist and songwriter is encouraging so many as an actress. Jamie Grace stars in the brand new Pure Flix production, The Beverly’s available now on the streaming service.

Throughout her incredible journey, Jamie has faced down a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome. She explains what that looks like for her on a daily basis.

“It’s definitely been a daily struggle. It’s a neurobiological condition that causes tics – uncontrollable movements and sounds. As I’ve gotten older I’ve definitely found some different coping mechanisms, but there are definitely still very specific intricacies that I face on a daily basis.”

Jamie also takes us inside some accompanying struggles.

“Trusting God with my OCD, my ADHD, and anxiety – I have to make a daily choice. ‘Ok. I’m going to go to counseling. I’m going to be vulnerable with my family. I’m going to sit down and talk to my husband about things that sometimes might make me feel really insecure. But I can talk to him so everybody knows it’s going on.”

Her gift and love for music has been a particularly healing & joyful part of the journey for Jamie.

“Music has been a lifesaver for me. Being able to sit down at a piano or with a guitar. Being able to write. Being vulnerable has changed my life. I remember being a teenage girl and being at one of the most challenging parts of depression and anxiety, and I remember hearing the testimony of Tammy Trent at a conference. I remember sitting there and weeping. Thinking as she shared the story of when her husband passed away – something that to me as a high school girl I obviously had never experienced – sitting there thinking, ‘If she can be vulnerable enough to share her pain with Jesus, to be honest with herself and to be honest with us, and it’s changing my life, then what if I can do the same thing?'”

“So vulnerability and honesty have been a significant part of my healing and my growth. And I just pray that – through the good stuff and the bad stuff – how vulnerable can you be with your life and what God is doing with your life? And I just I just try to do that on a daily basis, and just really hope that God uses that.”

On the Road with Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace is a twice Grammy-nominated recording artist and songwriter. As an actress, she stars in the brand new Pure Flix production, The Beverly’s – available now on the streaming service.

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