YOU made a difference for 75 patients with small and simple gifts given in Christ’s love.

We invited you to pick a patient and drop off a little something–some mittens or gloves, a game, toy, or blanket, and even a book or journal, personal care item or fuzzy socks. Thank you for responding and bringing a little bit of light into a place where God’s hope is desperately needed.

Thanks to Juice Stop for providing drop boxes at their Sioux Falls locations. One Juice Stop employee named Miranda recalls a father and daughter who brought in many gifts for patients. So many that Miranda had to ask if they came from a group of people who collected them. The girl said no, that she had received a gift of money from her grandparents and instead of wanting a gift for herself, she wanted to buy gifts for the hospital patients at Avera Behavioral. Miranda recalls feeling like her heart was melting as the girl told her story of wanting to give to others from what she had received. She, along with her Juice Stop co-workers, believes this kind of giving brings the Spirit of Christmas together in our community.

Please remember to pray for those who experience difficulties this holiday season as hospital patients. Avera Behavioral Health staff members are so grateful for the opportunity to use your generous gifts to reach into the lives of people in their care this holiday season.

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