Caminando Juntos is Spanish for “walking together”, and is also the name of the Presentation Sisters‘ ministry among the Hispanic people in the Sioux Falls area. Their primary purpose is to help create a welcoming presence and respond to the needs of the newer Latino immigrants as they seek to integrate into this culture and make a home among us.

It has been found that many of the Hispanic people who relocate to Sioux Falls are not prepared for the harshness of the winter climate. They do not have warm gloves, mittens, hats, or scarves to wear. This month, Life 96.5 is teaming up with Caminando Juntos and YOU to help provide cold weather accessories for the men, women and children who visit the ministry center for assistance.


Find a box and fill it up!!

If you would like to help, bring brand NEW warm gloves, mittens, hats or scarves in sizes for men, women, boys, girls, or infants to any Sioux Falls HY-VEE location or COFFEA Roasterie location. Also needed are new men’s socks and warm work gloves.  Thank you!

Here’s a great way to learn more about Presentation Sisters and the Warm a Neighbor project. Stop by HyVee locations on the dates and times listed below to meet the Sisters and drop off your donations of new winter items!

Wednesday, January 8th – 1:30pm-3pm – S. Minnesota Avenue

Tuesday, January 14th – 2pm-3pm – 26th & Marion Road

 Thursday, January 23rd – 2pm-4pm – S. Louise Avenue

Caminando Juntos, which began in 2002, continues to grow as the population in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area becomes more diverse. Caminando Juntos has offices, reception and waiting areas at their Hispanic Ministry Center to serve the needs of their guests at this growing ministry.

At their location 617 E. 7th Street, the services provided include:

  • Assistance to accessing healthcare, education, legal and social service systems.
  • Accompaniment of women and children in abusive relationships.
  • Visitation to homes, hospitals and state penitentiary.
  • Education through English classes and citizenship preparation.
  • Provision of immigration counseling and services by an Accredited Immigration Specialist
  • Promotion of human rights for Latinos.

To learn more about Caminando Juntos visit their website.