They’re the stories we know the best, and believe in so deeply. But have we lost some of the innocent wonder we once had when it comes to the life of Jesus? With his latest project, worship pioneer Matt Redman invites us back to wonder.

You know, no one needs a small God! When you’re caught in the middle of the storm, there’s no point in calling on a small God. No one’s going to live a big life for a small God. So it’s so important. And it feels to me like everything in our culture maybe goes in the direction of squeezing the mystery out of the equation. There’s not a whole lot of reverence flying around anymore. But when it comes to worship those things have to be in the mix.”

“I like to say that you can adore without wonder. You can appreciate without wonder. But you cannot worship without wonder. When it comes to worship, it has to have that sense of otherness. He’s so far beyond us. He’s so off the charts beyond anything we can imagine or comprehend.”

Matt’s music has been at the forefront of a worship revolution that’s spread across Christian music in the last two decades. He’s written life-changing songs, been honored with Grammy & Dove Awards. So – after all that – what continues to drive him to create and share his heart and his music?

“Because there’s just so much more to say. I remember a music producer saying you can only really write four kinds of pop songs. ‘I love you’, ‘I hate you’, ‘Go away’, and ‘Come back!'”

“But when it comes to worship songs there’s so much to be said. The subject matter is just really good! I’ve done my best in the last twenty years to write songs that somehow, hopefully paint a little bit of who Jesus is and help people sing to Him, but I’m just scratching the surface. I mean, even the very best of the songs, there’s so much more to be said. There’s so much more honor that we can give Him!”

On the Road with Matt Redman

Matt Redman is the pioneering worship leader, recording artist & songwriter whose latest album, Let There Be Wonder is available now wherever fine music is sold or streamed.

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