Thank you! During January, your kindness became ministry to Hispanic families and individuals as they received new warm winter accessories you donated. You shared more than 1000 hats, gloves, mittens, scarves and warm socks for men, women and children!

The Presentation Sisters bring HOPE to Hispanic immigrants each day through the Caminando Juntos outreach.

“One day at the end of the day this pregnant  woman and her little girl came by. They walked to get here and even got lost before finding our office. They needed some assistance. We were able to provide them with hats, gloves, scarfs, blanket and shoes. They were really happy. That moment was so heartwarming.”

“There was one time that a young couple came looking for gloves. They were walking and it was a snowy day. They found gloves and the gal was really excited that we had some new shoes, the ones she had were really wet and old. They were so grateful.”

These stories are possible because of your generosity. Thank you for showing Christ’s love!

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