I’m going bear hunting.

Out for a walk this week, I saw at least 3 homes with stuffed bears in their windows or on their front deck. This is a fun way for people to respond to the current situation by bringing a little cheer for others who are out driving or for a walk. Social media really spawned the idea of placing a bear in a visible place at your home, apartment or business. People all over are using the “bear hunts” as a fun activity for kids and families. Moms and dads can encourage keeping a watchful eye out for bears or other stuffed animals in windows as they go for walks or drives around town. How easy!

Let’s do this—most of us can find a stuffed animal—and try to bring more smiles into our neighborhoods. Won’t cost you a penny—but what a sweet way to show we’re all together in this season of “staying home” and we’re thinking of each other. #bearhunt

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