My grandson and I just started going back to church here in Madison back in the beginning maybe middle of December of last year. It has been several years since we have gone to church. Actually he was just a baby the last time we had went. It has been so amazing being back into the church and having the church family that we have. There was not to long ago we had went to church and one of our family members had noticed that the tires on my vehicle were not safe for my grandson and myself. He had went to our pastor and the lady in the office and told them about it. To make a long story short. That day I truly believe that God was with us because this amazing secret person paid a lot of money for brand new tires for my vehicle. If it wasn’t for GOD that day I don’t know how I would have been able to afford to pay for them. Every since we started going back to church we now no longer listen to anything but LIFE 96.5 it is our favorite station and makes me feel really great every time I’m listening to it. I get great feelings everytime. Thanks for the great music.

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