I am brazilian. I live in são paulo, tha’s my story: I am grateful to have returned to the Lord’s ways. You know, I remember begging God for a job last year. And I cried a lot! And he gave it to me. At first I was strong, but the enemy used people to confuse my mind. And I was an evangelical, but I started to disobey God, to walk away, I got involved in a relationship with a boy who was not a Christian and when I looked at myself, I was already in a well. “Actually, I felt in my own grave and I just needed to put my birth date and the word end … because I no longer knew who I was or what I was doing”. And at those times, we need to run to God, but I was so upset and I ran into the arms of the boy who claimed to be my “boyfriend”. And I believe you know what happened next, I just gave up my purity (my most precious asset that I kept until I was 24, I lost it). Next year, I wanted to escape the problems that I had. “Even though the holy spirit told me NOT to start” I kept making the same mistakes. I managed to go to federal college in another state, I had a lazy and unrighteous boyfriend who wanted nothing serious with me and quit my job which I cried so hard to get (but only judged people and complained about my routine). When I prepared everything to finally leave … I felt someone say to me “WILL NOT GO!”. You know, I no longer knew what I was doing and I still heard someone talking to me: “If you’re going to suffer, running away is not the solution for that!” I really always believed in God a lot and I remember waking up and saying “I’m going to change!” As proof for me to start the change, I woke up out of nowhere in the morning and talked to a pastor, told him my sins and what hurt me and that my relationship was no longer working. He simply said to me, “Confess, ask God for forgiveness and go on.”
I did so. I was no longer happy with the troubled relationship, but I did not have the courage to break up because he had taken away my purity and I believe that when the woman surrenders she must become one with him. But he didn’t even care to send me a message anymore, he started calling me paranoid and disoriented. So I was silent for 1 week and said: “God if he loves me, he’ll just send me a Good morning! That’s all I want”. A week passed. My parents complained to me, my mother got sick, I lost my job, I lost my studies and I cried I took the cell phone and the first message was from the boy. (laughter). It may seem abnormal, but in the message there was no “good morning”, he just wrote: “I’m not enough of a man for you, you think too much about the future and I don’t care about that, but I’ll always worry about you and the that I did was true. Take care of yourself “.
I was already destroyed and to make matters worse I wake up early, 7 in the morning, not eaten for days … just imagine you wake up (my appearance in the morning is already pretty) and come across a message like that! “My interpretation of the message was: we’re done, take care of yourself”. No excuses, no cards or thanks. All I did was run out and throw myself on the living room rug. And I cried, I cried. But when I looked in the mirror and saw that fallen appearance, I felt as if the enemy was looking at me in that situation and heard laughter and more laughter. I didn’t know what to do, I had lost everything, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. But, I remembered that I had asked God, so I took the bible and fell on Isaiah, who told me not to be ashamed of my youth, that God is my husband and I am his wife and although everyone rejects you, he will never leave us and receive us back the way we are because he has compassion on us. You know, it gave me strength! And I got up and determined in my life “I’m not going to suffer anymore! I’ve been on this path before, I don’t want to retake these tests, I want God to guide me and make me strong and that I don’t care about anything like that world because he has the best for me! ” And for the glory of God today I dedicate myself day to day to fill myself with the word of God and share my testimony encouraging friends not to give up on the dreams that God has planted in their lives. And before I was in the world and I had no peace … Today I am so happy, just to know that God takes care of me and does not remember my past anymore, on the contrary, every day that I search he shows me the direction certain. Before I expected a “Good morning” from someone I didn’t even know well and today I receive twenty people who care about me. I remember saying that I was not going to have friends and God put so many wonderful people in my path, taught me to forgive everyone who hurt me, to be patient, to obey and to think that every day something good will happen in my life. Before I was so negative, I tried to be what the world wanted to see … Today I am positive, I create hope through my faith and God allowed me to be myself, someone humble and dreamy and who can write letters encouraging people to be too best. Before I was ashamed to do all of this, but there is no person who rejects a word that I speak and better than that … it’s all based on the Bible. I am grateful to my God, there are so many blessings and I believe that he continues to restore me, I believe that soon I will be employed, I will find the perfect match … but in everything in my prayers I say to God: “Never again in my life do I want to leave your ways. ” You know, it’s not easy. Despite all our strength, the enemy does not leave us alone, but the difference is that I rely on everything in the Bible to win, because God Himself said: “No weapon against you will prevail”. I believe in God’s plans in my life. And I think he will do a lot more and I will still be back to tell the end of this story!

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  • Eliane says:

    It’s amazing. In this moment has passed music corageous. And I believe that i need to be.

    Somethinf strong will happen with me. I won’t give up!

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