She’d searched for meaning in different faiths, belief systems & all over the world. But Tasha Layton simply couldn’t find what she was looking for.

Finally, she decided to turn back to the faith she’d grown up with, and went back to church.

“I went to a church where no one knew me, and I was there about a year before I felt anything. About a year in, the pastor said that if you want a touch from the Lord, why don’t you come up to the front after the service, and we’ll pray for you. I was the first person down, and I left three hours later. I could sense the Holy Spirit doing a work in me that was new, that had probably been churning for a long time, but it actually came to the surface that day.”

“And then I remembered when I was thirteen at this conference, they asked if you sensed a calling from God to come down to the altar, and I think I ran. I was the first one down. And I’ll never forget, they were playing ‘We will abandon it all, for the sake of the call’. And I love that song. Every time I hear that song I still weep, because it’s so special to me. But I remembered that calling, and I thought, ‘I’m not going to run anymore.'”

It can be such a tough thing to wait in a situation that doesn’t feel like it has a purpose. Tasha explains why she stayed in her church during that time.

“I thought, at some point this is going to stick. I’m just going to keep going, and I’m going to live out my faith in an intellectual way if I can’t live it out emotionally. Because our faith is supposed to encompass us as a whole. It is supposed to be our thoughts, our heart, our emotions, our mind. But often we get stuck in one area, or one area sort of takes over the others. I just thought, I’m going to love God with my mind. I’m going to love Him with my intellect, and with my will, and eventually, the emotion – the part that I as an artistic person love so much – the feeling of it, eventually that might come. But even if it doesn’t – is my faith real? Or is it not?”

On the Road with Tasha Layton

Tasha Layton is a recording artist, songwriter & worship leader with one of the most popular songs in America right now, “Into the Sea”.

2 Responses to "Tasha Layton on finding the faith to wait"

  • Maranda says:

    This song into the sea has helped me tremendously with my son’s recent suicide. My mountains have moved into the sea and the ground has given way beneath me! When I sing and hear that it’s going to be ok, that I will be ok, it is so comforting. So many words in this song ring true for me, but then Tasha reminds me that only good things come from God. I first heard this song at a very rough spot in my life and I listen to it very often!!

    1. Ryan Thomas says:

      Maranda – we are so deeply sorry for the passing of your son. But so grateful that God’s using these words from Tasha to bring peace and comfort. God bless you, friend. And thanks so much for listening!

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