Nearly a decade ago, one of the most successful recording artists in Christian music – at the top of the charts and the top of her game – stepped aside from crafting new music. Instead, Rebecca St. James entered the most rewarding time of her life – starting her new family as a wife and mom.

But now, Rebecca is back with a flourish with the highly anticipated single “Battle Is the Lord’s”. So why now?

“Well, God did it! Honestly. It was something I wasn’t looking for. About two and a half years ago, I did an event with my brothers Joel and Luke of For King & Country – and I’m so proud of them and all God’s done in their lives. It’s just extraordinary. We were doing an event together where they were kind of doing a full set, and I was doing a couple songs. Really, at that point, I wasn’t saying yes to many events, but this particular event was special.”

“So our whole family was at this event in Alaska, and God showed up in such a radical way while I was on stage. It was one of the more life-impacting moments in my entire life, and most instantaneously-changing moments of my life. He showed up.”

It was a moment of extraordinary, surprising purpose.

“I was doing a couple songs on stage, and He moved in such a profound way that, at one point,  I’m crying. The audience is crying, and you could just feel the Holy Spirit very thick on the place. I walked offstage, and I said to Joel, my brother, ‘God just called me back to music, and I’m so shocked, and inspired, and surprised!”

“And the immediate thing God said to me – right after I sensed what He was doing – I felt Him saying, ‘You don’t have to step ahead of Me. You don’t have to plan this. You don’t have to do anything. I’m just going to pave the way for you when it comes to doing this music. Just watch Me!’ And it was like He was saying, with a sparkle in His eye, ‘Just watch what I’m about to do!‘”

On the Road with Rebecca St. James

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Rebecca St. James is the tremendous recording artist who made the top of the CCM radio charts her home year after year in the 90’s & 2000’s with standards like “Pray”, “Wait for Me”, and “God”. Now she’s back with a brand new single called “Battle Is the Lord’s” from the upcoming EP Dawn.

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