I got sick in 1986. I was 27 and married, with 3 kids. A 2 yr old 5 yr old, and a 7 yr old. I was so sick that at times I had to crawl. I was so sick that for a while I thought I had died and gone to hell. I ended up in a wheelchair because I had developed severe orthostatic intolerance. It took 19 years for doctors to figure out I had Lyme disease. I had a huge bull-eye rash on the top of my right foot in 1986. I never recovered. I have dealt with addiction issues with a family member, I went into kidney failure 6 years ago and I am on my second round of lung cancer. My 3-year-old grandson was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer last fall. My faith has brought me through all of this. I used to pray to get better but when I finally prayed for strength to get through this I received more strength than I could have imagined. Still have some rough days but my faith always gets me through the tough times. I never question why because I trust whatever God’s path is for me. Doesn’t mean I don’t complain once in a while. Lol. I thank God for everything he has blessed me with and love him very much!

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