I am writing to thank the community of life 96.5. I was born and raised in very ruler part of North East Ethiopia. My dad suffered from bipolar disorder since the year I was born in 1991 until the day he passed away in January 2016. Not only him, my two older brothers also had the same Psychiatric disorder and they are suffering just like my dad. My mom is strong Christian, she has deep faith in Christ. I was also born and raised in a church. In 2016, I come to United states for better life. My life was tough back home in Ethiopia because of my family condition and the same thing happened to me here because I can’t spoke English language very well to communicate with people. I feel alone but the voice of lord and the song of hope from life 96.5 gave strength. Within one year, my life was changed, and I learn speaking English. Now, I am applying to join Physician Assistant program to serve a community who gave me an opportunity to change my life and I am praying for people who are in trouble condition for God’s comfort.

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