I spent a month going thru and healing from covid 19 but there was one night I feel I need to share with you. After a day and a half the pain and nausea was so bad I didn’t think I was going to get thru it, then I heard a voice in my head saying go to the balcony and jump the pain will be gone go ahead it will be all over. I heard that over and over tempting me. It was such a darkness and I felt so alone. The visions in my head were terrifying. Then I heard a voice in my heart saying no don,t I will get you thru this. All of a sudden I felt safe, I felt peaceful, I cried out Jesus help me over and over. I began to feel a warmth. I knew Jesus was with me. I know I touched Hell that night but Jesus held on to me and brought me back. I was shown my purpose, the reason I,m still here. I now know I have to spend my days getting closer to God to become the best example of Jesus I can possible be and bring people to salvation. I pray my story helps others get thru this terrible sickness and to know we are never alone.
Thank you 96.5 for what you do, you inspire me to help others and spread Gods love!

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