You are needed! From Tamera Jerke-Liesinger, Executive Director at The Banquet in Sioux Falls:

“What we are really in need of right now are volunteers to help prepare and serve our meals.  Given the current situation we have had a number of volunteer groups put their serving on hold.  Unfortunately, hunger does not quarantine and The Banquet is more vital to people now more than ever.  If people would be willing to get a small group of people together to serve a meal we would be so grateful.”

Currently, it takes 6-10 people to prepare and serve a meal.  All meals at this time are served to go.

If you have questions please contact Wendy at 335-7066 or go to their website.

Thank you for being willing to help!  So many people rely on The Banquet to provide nourishment for body and soul, so your efforts really do make a difference.

4 Responses to "Serve up hope with The Banquet"

  • Pastor Carli Steffes says:

    Both of the Banquets in Sioux Falls are in need of plastic bags, so the people that come, need something to carry their food. Especially the little ones food. They also need 8oz bottles of water. You can get them on sale, almost anywhere in the stores. “I’m just a no body helping to serve the Lord…”

    1. Luanne says:

      Thank you, Carli!

    2. Evan Hetland says:

      I have alot of plastic bags that I was going to bring to Walmart, but if the Banquet is still in need, I would be happy to drop them off, if that’s o.k.!

    3. Luanne says:

      Hi Evan,
      I would encourage you to contact the Banquet directly to get information about their current needs. Thank you!

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