“So you can run right at your mountain
Like it’s already moved
And chase down your Goliath
Like you know he’s gonna lose”

Those are the counter-cultural lyrics at the center of the refreshing hit single “Already Done” from Joel Vaughn. As the song climbs the charts & blesses so many across the country & beyond, Joel shares the heart behind the creation of the track.

“I was empowered! To think, we serve a God that says in the book of Matthew that you can tell your mountains to move, and – with just a little bit of faith like He says – they will!”

“We live today like we we don’t believe miracles are really even possible. Or they were for someone else in another time. But we also look at miracles like they have to be this big, giant, grand thing. But God is working miracles in the little things and the big things every single day!

Joel explains how he’s been living out that truth in 2020.

“For me personally, it was how do I get that album done? How do I do this? But after we wrote this song, I was like, it’s in His hands. I only have to be obedient, and trust Him. He’s going to make it happen.”

“It took a lot of work and a lot of effort, but I’ve put in a lot of effort in the past. And when it was me trying to force it, I realized very quickly – because it didn’t really turn out in my favor or really anyone’s favor – God, I give this to You. Because I know if this is Your will, it’s already done. And so that’s the attitude I had with it.”

And while Joel is the voice sharing this hope, he’s quick to let everyone know his co-writers deserve whole heaps of credit.

“There were two other writers that were involved [Jonathan Gamble & Micah Kuiper]. They really have more of the talent than I do. I’m just the voice!”‘

On the Road with Joel Vaughn

Joel Vaughn is the refreshing voice behind the hit single “Already Done” and the brand new EP, Louder Than the Lies.

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