Thank you for bringing a little Christmas joy to men, women and children in the hospital during December.

Just before Christmas, 150 Christmas stockings were stuffed with small, heartfelt gifts and shared with patients at Avera Behavioral Health!

For those expecting to spend the holiday in hospital care, the stockings were like a warm hug of HOPE at a time and place where it was needed most.

One of the things that stood out to the caregivers at Avera was the number of people who put a note in among their stocking gifts that shared that they, too, had been a patient at Behavioral Health in the past and wanted to bring encouragement. Avera staff says the number of Bibles and devotional books this year seemed to be higher than in past years–speaking greatly to the desire to literally share God’s Word and truth to share HOPE.

Thank you for your generosity–you truly make a difference when you Stuff a Stocking for a hospital patient!


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