Bringing Jesus into our lives means centering our whole person on Him. With Him at the center, all of the activities and responsibilities of our lives revolve around the One who can keep it in proper balance. As this season of winter comes to an end, I’m seeing a trend of less discipline in some areas of my life, and the lack of fruit that comes from being somewhat lazy at times. I don’t like it.

So it’s a pattern I want to change.

Both the Spring season and Holy Week are giving me a chance to evaluate things and make some definitive changes to move me closer to managing the moments I have each day and, as Paul says in Ephesians 5:16, “redeeming the time.”

Ash Wednesday was weeks ago, but seeing young people at their part time jobs all over town this year with ash-swiped foreheads made me stop and think more than once:  what do I need to fast from right now? Choosing to give up something that will allow me extra time and space to read the Bible, pray and focus on God’s will requires discipline, but I’m ready. Where’s the time? Perhaps when I’m done cleaning up after supper, plopping on the family room couch by the TV will be a no. We have another old couch where there’s no TV that will do just fine for evening reading or listening to the Bible. Or maybe that afternoon coffee run could instead be a time of sitting in the quiet of my car and just talking with God.

In fasting “from” I can find time “to.” To think, learn, pray, and grow closer. More time to ponder Jesus’ life by reading the gospel accounts, better understand by imagining myself in the shoes of his followers, pray and listen, and grow in grace through His Spirit.

And as I meditate on Christ’s sacrifice, it will remind me to also give sacrificially, exceeding my regular tithe to help those around me in who are in need.

My prayer for you is that you, too, will have time to clear space in your schedule in the weeks ahead and focus more on the things that matter most.

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