I started to listen to your station about 2 yrs ago for Lent. I actually thought it would be hard but just the opposite. I loved it and continued to this day to listen to it. My oldest son has been struggling with drugs use for many, many years. Last year after serving 3 yrs in prison and it seemed as soon as he got out he went back to Meth again. The only thing that kept him from being sent back to prison was Covid. He was in and out of jail during this time. His last arrest was right before Thanksgiving. Again our hearts were breaking that he couldn’t overcome his addiction and couldn’t find the true help he needed. My dad a recovering alcoholic told him that until he finds God he will never be free from addiction. He finally chose to enroll into Teen Challenge of The Dakotas. Since Jan 14th of this year he’s been living there and learning about God. He seems to be in in there for the long haul. 16 month commitment. He is at the stage where he gets to leave the facility on Sat for 8 hours. This past Sat. when we spent the day with him he said “Mom, I’m starting to learn the words to your songs because they listen to your channel driving to and from work each day. He even said he really like this voice of one of the female singer and we both said her name at the same time “Lauren Daigle” We laughed because I don’t think we ever thought we would have a Christian singer in common. We are seeing improvements in our son through this faith based program. We are praying that this may finally be the program that’s going to make a difference. That my son is finally finding God and letting God help him in his life.

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