Mark Hall, is a survivor of kidney cancer and most recently Covid-19. He also joked he survived the April cold of a South Dakota Friday night at the W. H. Fairgrounds.

Hall and Casting Crowns are based in Atlanta and played in Kansas City on Thursday and will play at St. Paul Saturday and Grand Forks on Sunday. When the show started it was 55 degrees. It cooled about 10 degrees by the end of the drive-in concert.

“We went to a couple outdoors stores in town today, because, brother it’s cold here,” Hall said. “The stores we went to said they had no gloves and maybe a few winter coats on clearance. So here we are feeling like it’s winter and the only items to buy were spring.”

Casting Crowns has been doing the drive-in concerts for several months and have been all over the country and were able to outfit the crew in clearance winter coats.

“You can really tell the families really needed to get outside, they really needed to hear some music live and come together as the body of Christ,” Hall added. “You have the safeness and the togetherness, we really need that man, we are a little disjointed right now!

Hall dubbed himself on Instagram as “COVIDDAD” and uniquely brought fans through his bout with the virus.

He explained before the show he is on the mend. Before he stepped on stage his daughter brought him some cough medicine for his nagging cough and I’m sure he would have admitted after the show the cool(dang it’s cold here) breeze as he sang gave him occasional fits. But Casting Crowns and Mark Hall are gamers.

Hall said the band has always been motivated by a ‘love for God’ and a their ‘heartbreak for people.’

“Every night I want to get them to the truth. A song might change your night, but God’s word WILL change your life,” said Hall. “We’re not the point, we are pointing to the point.”

Friday night on the upland prairie, it happened again, Mark Hall and Casting Crowns pointed fans to the truth through song, scripture and prayer!

“It’s probably been the toughest tours we’ve done, but it’s been one of the more needed tours we’ve ever done,” said Hall in the midst of tour that began last fall.

Casting Crowns will be back in the region in less than two months Friday, June 11 in Sheldon for Risefest 2021. Make sure you get your tickets for that weekend so we can join Casting Crowns again!


3 Responses to "Casting Crowns performs to grateful fans in Sioux Falls"

  • Casting Crowns and the message they carried was uplifting, reminding me that God is always present, loving, and forgiving. The musical message inspires hope and spiritual healing. My husband died last September after battling pancreatic cancer for a year,.Their music gave me hope and reminded me that this journey we call life is to teach us lessons and carry us back to the Father. I am so grateful for this musical group and their inspiring message. They have helped me grieve and hold on to hope in this sad time.

  • Shari Giles says:

    My husband and I attended this outdoor concert, and it was such a blessing, a joy, and a comfort. To hear these beautiful songs of faith and praise to the Lord was just what we needed. Yes, it was cold out that evening, but it was so worth it to sing songs to God with other believers.

  • Ann Urban says:

    Casting crowns is beautiful. I lost my son in 2019 and when I listen to scars in heaven. Thank you

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