We believe the Sioux Empire has the biggest heart to love and care for students in need.

Life 96.5 is inviting you to help our school social workers bless a student this month by donating gift cards in any amount from WALMART and HY-VEE Stores where items can be purchased for students in need.

There are just 10 social workers in the Sioux Falls School District who work with the over 700 youth who are designated “homeless” in the district. Those 10 work every day to  oversee the needs of students and help provide needed resources to allow them to focus on staying in school and completing their education. Many of those resources are purchased using limited funds from the district and sometimes, cash from the social workers’ own pocket.

That’s where your help comes into the picture. Right now, YOU can make a difference in the life of a student whose family or guardian is struggling to make ends meet. And it is so simple. Purchasing and donating gift cards helps our school social workers. They can use gift cards on your behalf to instantly meet the students’ needs.

Would you take a moment to mail or drop off a HyVee or Walmart gift card in any amount to the Life 96.5 studios and bless our students?

Donated gift cards will give our social workers the tools they need to continue to make a difference in ways both big and small to the students they oversee. Social workers purchase hygiene products, clothing items, over the counter medications the parent cannot afford for the student, emergency food supplies, and an occasional emergency gas fill for the purposes of getting students to school.

Perhaps your Bible study, small group, family, or even co-workers or classroom project would consider coming together to bless a student.

Here’s where to mail or drop off your gift card donations:

  • Life 96.5 Radio4721 West 71st Street,  Sioux Falls, SD 57108 (just west and south of the Heart Hospital). Our phone number is (605)339-1965. If you drop by and our door is locked during business hours, please call and we will open it for you.

The families of the students also benefit from your kindness. One family who received help from a school social worker had been experiencing homelessness, living primarily out of their vehicle.  Social workers were able to connect the family with community resources that helped them get into a permanent place.  Since they were living out of their van they had very few belongings and were in need of some basic kitchenware such as plates, silverware, and cups.  Donated gift cards helped to supply a portion of the items.

Another family included two kids, whose mother works full time, but lives paycheck to paycheck.  One of the kids became ill and she had to miss 2 days of work to stay home with him.  It was learned that she was unsure of what they would eat over the weekend until the next payday.  Donated gift cards were used to assist her with an emergency supply of food to get the family to the next paycheck.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email Social Worker Traci at Traci.Johnson@k12.sd.us or contact Life 96.5 radio.