So, I am still young (only 15), but my life hasn’t been the greatest. From a young age I dealt with illness and loss. A little bit of background is that I was adopted the day after I was born. I have 4 siblings, two older siblings and 2 younger siblings. When I was 5, my grandpa died of health complications. When I was in 1st grade I was diagnosed with HSP (Henoch-Schönlein purpura) which is an illness where your body doesn’t know how to react to the cold. My body completely shut off and I had to be hospitalized, then I had to learn how to walk again. Less than a year later my sister was diagnosed with lymphoma. She was in the hospital for 3 months and I only saw her and my mom on weekends (My mom stayed in Sioux Falls with my sister and my dad was at home with the other kids). Because I had lost my grandpa at such an early age and finding out I was adopted, I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression by the age of 10. I struggled with Identity and body image issues and still do. When I was 12 I found out that my biological mom went to jail for dealing drugs, and my biological dad was a druggy. It was like it was my parents job to tell me how bad of people they were and how if I didn’t do well at things I would end up just like them. When I was 14 (October 10, 2020) my grandmother died because of COVID. She was staying at a nursing home and on of the workers gave it to her. She had a mini stroke (or heart attack (They didn’t know for sure)) and it caused her to fall one morning. When she didn’t come out for breakfast they went in and found her laying on the floor unable to get up. She was brought to the hospital and tested for COVID, when she tested possitive they had to test all the other people and they found out that she got it from a worker. She ended up passing away in Central Lyon because the hospital sent her there (“they needed more space” at the hospital). They told us that she wasn’t their main priority and that they couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything else for her. I never got to say good bye to her and the thought of that still makes me cry. I miss her so much. Now, that side of the family won’t meet together, the thought of doing without grandma is too much for us to handle. As of now, it is currently May 18 and my uncle from the same side as my grandma is in the hospital getting chemo treatment for acute leukemia. My dad won’t let me see him. Also, I was sexually assaulted 2 times in the same night by 2 different guys (this was three weeks ago) and I’m too scared to say anything. I had tried to listen to God and ask him for help, but he just keeps putting more pain and suffering into my life.

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  • Shell says:

    Dear Emily,
    Your story is hard, and my heart goes out to you. Please know this, God does not put pain and suffering in your life. He loves you. Remember how he healed people when He walked the earth? He could not put things on people and heal them because He would have also been a liar or deciever. Satan is the deceiver. You are so loved and cared for. You will be in my prayers. Ask Jesus into your life, if you haven’t. #1 Admit you are a sinner in need of a savior. #2 Believe Jesus is our Savior #3 confess your sins to Him and one other person that you can trust.
    Those are the steps to being born again. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the way.
    It is hard to go, for my heart aches for you.
    Dear Father,
    Place a hedge around Emily and protect her from the evil one. Show her your love and help her unbelief. Lead her on the path towards home on hgih.

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