My hubby and I received a sweet invitation to an anniversary party. The celebration was at the country home of a couple we have known for decades–we are friends with them and with their kids. As the celebration for their 60th wedding anniversary approached, we (sadly) had another commitment, but (happily!) were able to swing by their place before the party and have a wonderful visit. They are tremendously gracious, and after all these years, the visit was so joy-filled for us.

This couple’s world, of course, moves at a completely different pace since they are in their 8th decade. But thanks to the hard work and attentiveness of their kids, they are able to stay on their acreage and enjoy the seasons in their garden and look out at their farm and the land of their neighbors, as they have been doing for most of their life together.

I think God has blessed my husband and me with this friendship as a gift. Since our parents are with the Lord, and have been for some time, we need this kind of relational reminder of what a long and committed marriage looks like, and what the fruit (payback!) is for the sacrifice of time and energy we invest in our kids.  Watching this couple stay on the path God has for them helps us stay on our path, too.

Are you walking closely with the Lord? Has God blessed you? You are certainly able to be an encouragement those who are younger. Are you young and just starting out? Struggling a bit? Look for those God places in your path, at church or even in your neighborhood, who are not perfect, but staying on course in their faith and responsibilities.

You will be blessed. You will be enriched. And God will, in time, also use you  in ways you may not be able to imagine now, but will certainly be revealed in His forever kingdom.

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