I have struggled as a Christian for many years. I was brought up in a home going to church and knowing the Lord and what he has done for all of us. I was in an abusive relationship in my life, was married had kids and finally I got out of that relationship. I have had to learn what forgiveness is and to move on in my life because for so many years I went my own way and did not follow the Lord. I have suffered with anxiety all my life but over the past couple of years I have and keep on working on my relationship with the Lord. I can now say I don’t have as much anxiety and when waves of hardships come up I lean on the Lord because I know now that I can do all things through Christ how strengthens me. I still have battles that come from everyday and things out of my control but I keep reminding myself God DOES LOVE me and I am worthy. Music is my inspiration and I just love the music on 96.5. One song can pick me up or bring me peace in unsteady waters.

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