God is good. I have survived, but better, I have thrived. Amnesia, abuse, schizophrenia…God has delivered me from all of these. There were substantial moments of trauma in my young life. I became depressed and isolated a lot as I made decisions, (Not good ones), that affected my family, my walk with God and my future.
When I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, I didn’t want to accept it. I learned to trust God and now I am free of the satanic attacks that once debilitated me. More so, my children were saved. At ages 5 and 6, I feared I could not be the mother i wanted to be so I prayed God to lead them. He led them next door…to my consternation! Yet I soon discovered the little boy next door with the Playstation – the reason for the consternation was the playstation – the little boy was a Baptist minister’s grandson who attended AWANA every week. My children soon joined him. My daughter continued on to a youth group and 20 years later, the now grown friend, witnessed to my son who was baptized soon after. God is good.

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