We need each other. When the problem is human trafficking, no one single organization has all the answers, resources, or factors needed to significantly combat slavery. But Call to Freedom is an organization that values life, and that helps drive their mission to provide those who are caught up as victims with a way out.

This fall, Life 96.5 and Austad’s Golf invite you to come alongside Call to Freedom as they rescue and help people who have been caught up in human trafficking.

Most of us have heard of trafficking by now. Call to Freedom Executive Director Becky Rasmussen says, “Modern day slavery is happening in every community, in every state, in every nation. It is the selling of individuals for either sex labor or labor trafficking.”

To give victims a voice and HOPE, Call to Freedom began and is an anti-human trafficking group founded in South Dakota. Call to Freedom provides support services and works with partners in our community to navigate a healthy path for victims.

As people come in to Call to Freedom’s ministry, often with no possessions, they can receive a gift: instantly helpful items contained in a Freedom Bag. They are immediately shown love and support as they begin to transition out of the lifestyle of exploitation and abuse. When a person is referred and comes into Call to Freedom’s program, they are treated with the dignity and the honor they deserve.

If you or your group would like to help a person coming out of human trafficking by creating a Freedom Bag packed with basic needs like essential hygiene and clothing items, you will bring hope and help make a difference!

Here’s how to put together a Freedom Bag:

For a woman’s bag, choose a tote bag or zipper bag that has strong handles and could hold a number of items. Use the list below and fill the bag. All items should be new. Please choose a size of Medium, Large, Extra Large or 2XL for the clothing items.

  • A t-shirt
  • Long, stretchy yoga-type pants
  • Light jacket or sweatshirt (optional)
  • A pair of underwear, socks, and a light sports-type bra
  • Full size shampoo & conditioner, hair styling products, deodorant, full size toothpaste/toothbrush, full size body lotion, shaver, hair ponies, comb/pick, lip balm
  • Optional:  personal touches like a wallet (perhaps including a gift card to purchase other necessities), journal, book, or water bottle.

For a youth bag, choose a bag with strong handles. Use the list below and fill the bag. Please choose clothing in Youth sizes, especially Large (12-14) and XL ((16-18).

  • Sweatpants or shorts, t-shirt, hoodie, undergarments (sports bra, underwear and socks)
  • Hygiene products including shampoo, conditioner, hair brush and ties, deodorant, body wash, body lotion, razors, towel, washcloth.
  • Optional:  personal touches like notes with Bible verses, journals, color books, or water bottles.

Once you have a Freedom Bag put together, bring it to:


In an in-studio interview, Brad Peterson of Life 96.5 talks with Becky Rasmussen of Call To Freedom, and to Abby, who has been rescued:

Becky and Abby Freedom Bags

Call to Freedom   Austad's Golf