I accepted Christ at a Carmen concert on July 19, 1990…my daughter’s 2nd birthday.
My daughter has high risk pregnancies. When she was pregnant with her 4th baby, the doctor discovered her uterus was full of cysts. It was very early in her pregnancy and the doctor told her and her husband that the baby won’t be viable and they needed to abort. They refused, this was on a Thursday. I took it to church and asked for prayer for my daughter and her unborn baby. I didn’t tell them anything more, God knew what was wrong. They following Friday she was back at the ER due to pain. When the doctor did an ultrasound, all but 3 of the cysts were gone. They’d never seen that happen before. The remaining 3 cysts were on the baby’s spine. Jessica and Aaron were told that the baby would be born with a defect and once again they should abort. They asked what kind of defect. They were told the baby could be stillborn, have an untreatable nerve disorder that would cause extreme pain and she would die in her teens or she could have down syndrome. They were told a test could be done to determine the defect. They asked for the test because if the baby had down syndrome they wanted her. Once again I took it to church asking for prayer for my daughter’s unborn baby. And once again they were back in the ER at the end of the week. The cysts on the baby’s spine were gone and once again the doctor had never seen that happen before. The doctor still performed the test and it showed a healthy baby girl.
Jessica had a very difficult pregnancy, lots of pain throughout and lots of bed rest. Two weeks before her scheduled c-section (her 2nd and 3rd were delivered by emergency c-section) she asked if the baby could be delivered early because she was tired of being pregnant. This was so unlike Jessica because she loved her pregnancies. Baby Jayni was delivered three days later. When the doctor opened Jessica up, her uterus was so thin that Jayni could have kicked through it at any time…miracle number 3!
Jayni is now 3 years old and so smart and beautiful. I can’t imagine her not being in our lives. Thank goodness for Jessica and Aaron’s faith in the Lord Almighty! God is so good!

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