Yesterday my grandson was standing on the big propane tank in the yard just talking on and on. I was far enough away that I couldn’t hear what he was saying. All the cows in the yard we’re just staring at him. He talked for a long time. After he jumped down off the propane tank I asked him what he was telling the cows. My grandson said he was telling the cows about Jesus. He said he started with the Old Testament. And continued telling the cows about Jesus. He said that the cows really listened and that they never even blinked. This morning on the way to
school we talked about how he should tell people about Jesus because they need to hear about Jesus saving grace, they have souls. But if he wants to keep telling the cows about Jesus, than we’ll just have Holy Cows. This is a true story. My grandson is 8 years. Maybe he has a preaching job in his future.

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