I’ve listened to Life 96.5 on and off for years and just started listening again the past couple of weeks. This year has been full of loss for our family. At the end of February we lost a family friend. In June we lost my father-in-law after an 11 month battle with cancer. That has been hard on all of us and his absence is very well noticed. Our house was extremely tense and negative. Everyone’s attitude stunk. After one particular trying evening I decided to start listening to Life 96.5 again. I haven’t looked back. It’s just what I need to stay focused and stay positive. My son doesn’t even seem to mind and I have caught him singing and humming along to a few of the songs. Life 96.5 is really a bright spot in my life and I’m so thankful for the positive, uplifting music and the amazing DJ’s on the station. You have made a true listener out of me and I cannot thank you enough.

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