Psalms 34;18 “the Lord is near to the brokenhearted and those crushed in spirit”. That was me 6 years ago. All I wanted to do was die and that’s all heard was aren’t you better off dead and after the loss of a very good friend I made my decision that I would not live past a certain date and whatever happened between now and then “o well” was my attitude. I was homeless and using meth, in survival mode even crying out for help telling people something really bad is gonna happen. Nobody would do anything so I was even more convinced I was better off dead. I had already had 2 standoffs with law enforcement telling them to shoot me. The morning of the robbery the same voice that intervened at one of the standoffs, said Josh don’t do it, its not gonna turn out how you think and sure enough it didn’t. i was rescued Oct 2016, it was in county jail looking at life in prison plus 50 years asked Christ to take over a kind of Jesus take the wheel moment. I was finally submitting and would finally be fulfilled from all the emptiness and pain that I carried for years. Life 96.5 is used by God to remind us of Gods love and has even broken me down bawling on the interstate. In prison the only station I could get on my little radio was the Christian channel in Springfield and through the 5 years I was in staying involved in church and having the outside church family and others come along side of us and encourage us some of those I still see today. God is truly amazing and thank you to all who support.

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