If your New Year’s Resolution has somehow always ended up as reading through the entire Bible, you might appreciate all the help you can get!

Reading through the Bible in a year is an admirable goal, but you might find yourself floundering by February. Keeping up with reading the Bible every day can feel like a lot!

Thankfully, there’s a plan that lets you miss a day or two of reading throughout the week – keeping it nice and flexible for all of us busy folks who are trying so hard to work on our relationship with God while keeping up with everything else life asks of us.

It’s called the Five Day Bible Reading Plan, and you can download it for free here:

Five Day Bible Reading Plan

2 Responses to "Want to read the Bible in a year? Try this free plan!"

  • Connie Berglund says:

    I want to learn more about the Bible. I find in today’s world I need to have a place to come to. And a God that can take my worries from me.

    1. gjschulenberg says:

      Hi Connie! My name is Ellie, and I work with Life 96.5 🙂
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