Motherhood is a wonderous combination of chaos and adoration. From muddy footprints scattering across a newly cleaned floor, to sloppy kisses smattering over chubby toddler cheeks, a mom deals with the most intimate aspects of life.

Whether or not you’ve been a mother, we all have probably stood in awe of these nurturing women who somehow wrangle wild young people and help them grow up – not to mention how these women carry and birth those tiny people!

Mom’s Night Out, a fun motherhood tale, features beloved artist, Natalie Grant, singing “Hurricane” as the film displays God’s beauty within the craziness of parenting. Although this movie may embellish the wild antics involved in family life, the story assesses questions many moms may find themselves desperately asking: “what’s the point of all this?” And “am I even a good mom?”

Natalie Grant’s voice echoes the relatable truth within Mom’s Night Out. Being a mother herself, it’s no coincidence that her song was perfect for the film. Natalie is no stranger to the mayhem of life – especially motherhood.

“Chaos is probably something with which the star is familiar. On top of being a popular Christian music artist and author, she’s also a TV show host (she helped out GSN with their dating game show It Takes a Church) and the owner of her own fashion line, NG, a human rights activist, wife and mother to three little girls.”

If you’re a mom, this impressive resumé might make you a bit lightheaded. You might be thinking, “If this is what a good, successful mom looks like, how am I ever going to achieve it?” It’s alright. Take a deep breath.

God has plans for you, and they are made especially for you.

In fact, Natalie Grant’s story of motherhood has not been a smooth one. She had to endure the devastation of being childless – and highly unlikely to ever be able to bear children – as well as the all-engulfing shame and exhaustion of postpartum depression when she finally did have children.

Natalie and her husband, Bernie, were blessed after years of being barren. In fact, they were doubly blessed as Natalie became pregnant with twins! She was overjoyed, and their family was complete… or so they thought.

Four years after having her two girls, Natalie and Bernie were shocked to discover they were about to have a third child. After being so happy with her two daughters, Natalie couldn’t stop the feeling of dread from crawling inside her.

When her third daughter was born, she was hit with postpartum depression. Natalie tells about her pain in that time:

“I had so much guilt because there were so many women who were still begging for a child. Here I was, so depressed and overwhelmed, in such a dark pit. I can’t explain that feeling of utter darkness. As a woman of faith with a faith-based platform, how could I tell people I didn’t want this child? I suffered silently for so long. Giving a voice to the struggle was the beginning of my healing.”

And after taking a step back from work, Natalie Grant pursued mental health treatment. Through the aid of her care team, she was able to recover and now can’t see how her family could ever be complete without all three of her little girls. She even wrote this beautiful song dedicated to her daughters.

Okay, you might be feeling a bit exasperated at this point. Sure, that’s a struggle, but she’s better now. Life is good. Natalie Grant is a great mom – and more!

Natalie understands the feeling, as it has been reflected in her followers throughout her career. She says:

“The majority of women look at my life on social media and they’re always asking, ‘How do you do it?’ ‘I’m sidelined, I’m disqualified, I’m barely holding it together.’”

But Natalie is only a human being. Just like you and I, she has insecurities and stress. She is as imperfect as the rest of us, and she wants to show that authentically.

Just like in the movie Mom’s Night Out, every mom – every person – will ache at their imperfection. Every one of us has felt the spinning, spiraling chaos of the world. And we might not handle it well.

But we are not God.

Jesus didn’t die for the person whose life is impeccable. God didn’t sacrifice His Son for an Instagram “aesthetic” mother, or the wife with no qualms about her household.
He died and rose again for the sake of sinners. Broken people who live torn up lives. People whose hearts ache, and whose tears stain their Bibles.

Natalie Grant gives a gentle reminder to overwhelmed women:

“Becoming a mother did not complete me. This whole idea that a man is going to complete us, or a baby is going to complete us, or this thing, this job; it doesn’t work like that. God in you, that’s who you are.

I think God will make you a mother in ways you don’t expect. It won’t be your perfect plan, but when you can come to terms with that plan, you find incredible fulfillment in it.”

Following the Holy Spirit’s light in your life is what being a good mom actually looks like. Display that faithfulness to your children, and if you’re weary, leaning on the Savior is the key.

Ultimately, Natalie Grant understands that Christ isn’t looking for perfect. She isn’t perfect. You aren’t perfect. You are set free through the blood of Jesus.

If you need further reminder, Natalie’s recent rendition of Broadway’s “You Will Be Found” with Cory Asbury can speak to your soul. Again, she sings the message that being human is okay. Take a deep breath.

Let that sink in.

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