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Jon Micah (Kutless) joined Dave & Lauren

Did you hear it?  Jon Micah, lead singer of Kutless, stopped by the morning show to chat about everything from the “Hope is Something More tour” to their bus breaking down yesterday due to a blown radiator hose!  You still have an opportunity to see Kutless perform tonight in Spencer, IA; Wednesday in Sioux Falls;…


One space or two?

What happens after I end this sentence?  Would you put one space after that question mark or would you follow it up with two? Today during the morning show, I had no idea how big of a debate this was until I threw it out there.  See, I grew up not knowing there was any other way than to double space after your end punctuation.  Then, I read…


Why do we give?

A hug, a smile, a helping hand, a word of praise. A meal, some cash, time volunteering, prayer. A ride, a place to sleep, protection, moral support. A listening heart, knowledge, forgiveness, and a second chance. There are so many ways we give and can give to others. Giving is the very essence of the nature of our God. We cannot look at…

Liz Curtis Higgs


Buying it for life

I really don’t like to shop. So when I need stuff, I try to buy things to last a while. But anymore, it’s a real challenge to find those good ol’ built to last workhorses. I recently had to replace a hose sprayer, doorknobs, and my stove. Years ago I received the most wonderful gift from my mom. On one of my visits, she hauled…

Liz Curtis Higgs


Worst apps for your kids

Were you like me saying for the longest time that “my child does NOT need a phone”?  One reason being I wanted them to learn to interact in the real world.  Second, I didn’t want them to have that much power in their little hands. Technology is all around us and it was only a matter of time before they’d have…



Describing your spouse without using “love”

No matter if you’ve lived with someone the majority of your life or for just a few years, they might just surprise you once in awhile. Hallmark took couples, put them in separate rooms, and asked them each questions about their marriage while recording their answers.  Afterwards, brought them together in the same room to…


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