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shell’s story

God is good. I have survived, but better, I have thrived. Amnesia, abuse, schizophrenia…God has delivered me from all of these. There were substantial moments of trauma in my young life. I became depressed and isolated a lot as I made decisions, (Not good ones), that affected my family, my walk with God and my future. When I…

Jennifer’s story

Breathe by Jonny Diaz was played a on Friday morning. It had been awhile since I heard it, I was singing along. A few hours later (late afternoon) I received some bad news and all I heard in my head was the lyrics to this song.…

Nichole’s story

I have struggled as a Christian for many years. I was brought up in a home going to church and knowing the Lord and what he has done for all of us. I was in an abusive relationship in my life, was married had kids and finally I got out of that relationship. I have had to learn what forgiveness is and to move on in my life because for so many years…

Emily’s story

So, I am still young (only 15), but my life hasn’t been the greatest. From a young age I dealt with illness and loss. A little bit of background is that I was adopted the day after I was born. I have 4 siblings, two older siblings and 2 younger siblings. When I was 5, my grandpa died of health complications. When I was in 1st grade I was…

kaden’s story

my parents are divorced and I haven’t seen my Dad for a full year and a half. I really miss him and want to talk to him. could you pray for my mom?…

Ann’s story

12 years ago my life was at rock bottom…I wanted to commit suicide. I had no one–kids were gone, I was alone. I told God I can’t do this by MYSELF and I know you don’t want me living with an abuser. I told HIM I want him to show me where to go and who with!! HE DID. I’ve been married to a great guy 10 years in October…

Amy’s story

I started to listen to your station about 2 yrs ago for Lent. I actually thought it would be hard but just the opposite. I loved it and continued to this day to listen to it. My oldest son has been struggling with drugs use for many, many years. Last year after serving 3 yrs in prison and it seemed as soon as he got out he went back to Meth again.…

Rylie’s story

Through every SINGLE fight Through every SECOND argument And through every third doubt, God is always listening FOUR everything good or bad happens for a reason FIVE bibles in front of me, yet none were opened SIX Days of unhappiness, and hatred upon my self When I was 6, I believed there was a God, yet I didn’t seek out to him.…

Jacob’s story

I was in a perpetual downward spiral of hopelessness, darkness and substance abuse and alone. I had a surface and distant faith throughout my younger years. Then my eyes were opened through the Word communicating to me and the world communicating His existence to me (my internal being, causal in the world through Him). Jesus said…

Steve’s story

I’m sitting with my mother in hospice as she slowly moves closer to the Lord’s arms. What a blessing the Christmas music has been. She sleeps most of the day but I know she can hear the music. Thank you for the Christmas blessings.…

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