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Amy’s story

Today was a day that my kids started out arguing, then I went to make pancakes for breakfast and didn’t have any syrup for the pancakes so I was pretty agitated by this point and went to the car to run get syrup and got in car and the song Breathe by Johnny Diaz was playing. It was the moment that stopped me and just listened to the song…

Nancy’s story

I thank God each and everyday I open my eyes. Hi I’m Nancy, and I was told by my doctors I’m a walkin talkin miracle. It was October 8, 2010 I had a bad accident, I lost my spleen and part of my lower lobe of my liver. For the next few days I was loosing blood and receiving blood, it was the 14 of October that day I had a ephinany. I…

Terry’s story

When my husband passed away in 2013 you played the right songs to comfort me. Now I listen to 96.5 all the time. It’s a comfort in hard times.…

Mark’s story

I would like to give a shout out to 3 gentlemen and I use the word loosely only in that they were probably in their early teens. Not men by legal standards but men by the standard that adults are supposed to know how to respond. A small boy had fallen on the bike path that crosses a bridge on to 57th near Western ave. He was about 5 or 6 not making…

doug’s story

Have no health insurance. Had a heart attack last November and had 2 stents placed and the first bill was about $85,000.00. Within the next two weeks or so had 2 more stents placed and that was about $65,000.00. So about $150,000.00 I needed to pay out of pocket. I filled out financial assistance for the first bill and about $83,000.00…

Kathy’s story

About 11 years ago a friend of mine helped me to escape a bad marriage. I was on the verge of suicide because I did not think God loved me. After I left my marriage I went to a Christian counselor and she helped me to see that God loved me and to explain the reason my marriage was failing. I have been so grateful to her since then because I turned…

Cindy’s story

Blessings is a song that always comes on when my life is changing and I’m afraid. My husband committed suicide in February and first the song “Just Be Held” came on which was so comforting then soon after the song blessings and I knew that God would help me through this. Thank you for your station that has the right…

Jacob’s story

Lately I have been going through alot a mental problems and thoughts and I have had to go to places to get help and I would cry alot but when I now listen to life 96.5 it makes me feel new and loved I also just love how you guys do your music because it just makes me just want to forget my problems and make me feel free again.…

Per’s story

My daughter and I were in the middle of a terribly sad day and on our way out to the cemetery to bury my dad, her grandfather, to whom she was VERY close with. Many tears had already been shed, and more were to fall. The quietness of the 15-minute drive was interrupted by my “Enough” by BarlowGirl — which happens to be my favorite…

Marvin’s story

A lot of ups and downs over the years. I started counseling with a biblical base program several months ago. I have learned that the LORD has been with me all along. I have always had a strong faith and knew things will get better. Since I learned to take my time and say my prayers out loud to the LORD I have had much better feeling toward my…

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