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Allison’s story

This isn’t really in Story form, but it is what I just wrote based on my life the last 4 months. “It was good” that my daughter was Stillborn There are many limitations that having a baby puts on mothers and fathers in life. The ability to pack up and leave to go somewhere takes longer. Sleep is less likely to happen.…

Alex’s story

About a month ago, someone told me these shoes should be thrown in the trash. There are times, as there still are, when God has the opportunity to throw you or I in the trash as well, but for now, He chooses not to. So inspired by not letting anything go to waste, and the beautiful reality of redemption, I set out to extend the years and the…

Dyan’s story

In Oct of 2008, I suffered a miscarriage. It was a child that my husband and I had not planned, which was difficult to accept at the time. Then to lose the baby, when we had finally come to accept it, was earth-shattering. I lived in anger for 5 months. To be truthful, that’s how I liked it. I wanted God to know how hurt I was by what He…

Phyllis’s story

I want to give praise to God for his perfect timing. I was struggling with a difficult boss for 6 months and finally I felt the Holy Spirit say that it was time to quit. During this time that I quit I had found out about a 2 week tour to Israel from a friend who was going. So since I wasn’t working, I had the time to be able to go. I no more…

Mary’s story

This morning while brushing my hair, my all-time favorite song “Flawless” came on! I grabbed that brush as my mic and did as we are supposed to do-I danced like no one was watching! No inhibitions! It was so freeing! When “Flawless” comes on while I am driving I am so moved I almost have to pull over to fully…

Cassidy’s story

Hello, everybody my name is Cassidy I am a college student. It all started when I was a freshman in college last year. Going to college for the first time scared but, I knew it had to be done. When I first arrived on campus I thought to myself is there any place on campus I can find a person or group like me. Well, then I joined the basketball…

Amy’s story

Today was a day that my kids started out arguing, then I went to make pancakes for breakfast and didn’t have any syrup for the pancakes so I was pretty agitated by this point and went to the car to run get syrup and got in car and the song Breathe by Johnny Diaz was playing. It was the moment that stopped me and just listened to the song…

Nancy’s story

I thank God each and everyday I open my eyes. Hi I’m Nancy, and I was told by my doctors I’m a walkin talkin miracle. It was October 8, 2010 I had a bad accident, I lost my spleen and part of my lower lobe of my liver. For the next few days I was loosing blood and receiving blood, it was the 14 of October that day I had a ephinany. I…

Terry’s story

When my husband passed away in 2013 you played the right songs to comfort me. Now I listen to 96.5 all the time. It’s a comfort in hard times.…

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